Shoes like green beetles

No reflective essay whoopdidoo today, just lust for shoes.

Yesterday, I saw a woman with bright green doc martens. Like this but shorter:

These are from a vintage site
Unfortunately, they've already been sold.

I kept glancing at her as I approached the table she was sitting at, as I passed, and even once as I climbed the staircase near her. When I was on the stairs we actually made eye contact. She probably thought I was scoping her out, or maybe she understood it was shoe lust.

I wish I had been wearing something appropriately shiny to match. My flower docs maybe. I got these lovelies a looooooooong time ago in Toronto, City of Shoes, home to a holy site for shoe lust pilgrimage: the Bata Shoe Museum. This is an entire freestanding, four-story museum devoted to the history and aesthetics of freaking shoes!!! I'll give you a moment to bask in the glory of this idea ...



A couple days ago, a friend posted on FB that she missed her old blue combat boots after seeing a woman walk across her campus sporting a pair. I don't know if the ones she saw were shiny metallic blue like these babies, but I like these a lot. The ones she used to wear back in day (as the kids say) were not metallic, but this same friend also used to wear the awesomest leather jacket with the The The logo painted on the back. <3 

But back to green. I currently only have one pair of green shoes in my collection. A lime green pair of Kenneth Cole loafers.   I got them in Camden, ME, once upon a time.

I used to have a pair of green canvas, t-strap Negevs, but when I had babies my feet got bigger and they stopped being comfortable. I hope someone else took them home from the thrift store and now wears them with a black and white gingham skirt.

Put this all in the shoe lust blender, and I now have a serious jones for some shiny bottle green confections. Green like metallic beetles. Green you can't deny. I like the look of these girls:



  1. I long for the outfits to go with any of these last three pairs...I want to be THAT woman. Sigh.

  2. I have never been a Doc Marten kind of gal, but if I were, I am not sure I could do metallic. I do have a lovely pair of metallic orange and brown mules that were purchased when I was pregnant and my feet would fit in no other dressy shoe. I had to have at least one pair of dress shoes to wear to an official work thing. I can still wear them!

  3. That last pair of green heels is simply divine! An entire museum devoted to shoes? Dear lord, I'm feeling faint at the thought.


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